Well, it's the end of the year. And we're doing our due diligence of bringing you the worst of the worst (that could be harnessed by GIFs) with roughly a week of action left. Professional sports are about excellence, but if everybody succeeded every time pro leagues would fold due to fan boredom. Watching teams blow it in crunch time is arguably as (or more) compelling than watching teams triumph. It's what makes a guy like Tony Romo and the Cowboys move the ratings needle year after year. It's what makes watching guys like Peyton Manning and Brett Favre become human in the postseason year, after year, after year. And it's the reason why the Miami Heat became boring once LeBron won a title.

We tried to leave it on the field, but some moments (above) warranted an obvious mention, while others were too good to pass up. Also, with the increasing presence of cameras you're always at risk, even as a fan. By simply leaving your house every day you run the terrifying risk of going viral. With all those in mind we had a large pool to choose a very wide variety from. So as we transition to a new year, first, here's a collection of the 50 biggest sports fails of 2013.