Children in Ustrzykach Dolnych, Poland weren't ready to see Santa this holly jolly. A 51-year-old Santa impersonator and his 31-year-old helper showed up to a local market to spread Christmas cheer. But Santa's cheeks weren't red for the costume. He, as well as his assistant, was wasted

After a lackluster appearance, the two peaced out in a horse-drawn carriage. When a car honked its horn, the horse freaked out and dumped the wasted passengers onto the street, where the two lay "spread-eagle" before being taken to the hospital. Now police are looking into charging the two with drunk driving

A witness described the scene with an awesome Christmas pun: "It was a mixture of ‘Ho, ho, ho’ and ‘No, no, no’," he said.

If you're eagerly anticipating Bad Santa 2, which Billy Bob Thornton says is filming next year, this bit of news should hold down your sick Christmas mind. 

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[via Daily Mirror]