It was another rough day for the Knicks and their fans yesterday. With Carmelo Anthony out with an ankle injury, it was already a foregone conclusion that the Knickerbockers were going to catch an L at the Garden against the Oklahoma City Thunder. And while they did keep up with OKC in the first quarter, going down 35-29, things kept getting worse and soon the Thunder lead ballooned to as much as 25 early in the fourth quarter. So, with the game well out of reach, Oklahoma City leaned on their backups a little more, which gave a guy, like Reggie Jackson, an opportunity to shine and boy, did he shine!

Midway through the fourth quarter, Jackson broke free from Tyson Chandler and with only Amar'e Stoudemire standing in his way, the two-year pro attacked the basket and put STAT on a poster after administering a vicious slam. Maybe Amar'e had a good shot at swatting that attempt away, but those knees, dear God, those knees

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[via Point Forward]