Peyton Manning is a great football player. Even if you've never watched a single football game in your life, you probably know that. But did you know that he's good at sending RSVPs back in a timely fashion, too?!

Recently, a couple sent the Broncos quarterback an invitation to their wedding. And they probably didn't expect to hear anything back from him. But sure enough, Manning responded to the couple by sending back his RSVP card along with a note—"Best Wishes"—and an autograph. He did have to "Regretfully Decline" the invitation. But hey, at least he responded, right?

It was a pretty cool thing for Manning to do. Also, it made anyone who didn't respond to this couple's wedding on time look really bad. Can you imagine? Peyton Manning responded, Uncle Joe, WHY DIDN'T YOU?!

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[via For The Win]