To paraphrase the great Jim Mora: "CHAMPIONSHIP?! YOU KIDDING ME?! CHAMPIONSHIP?!"

Yes, despite the Brooklyn Nets' horrendous start to the season—they're just 6-14 right now and going through some real issues with their coaching staffPaul Pierce is talking about winning a championship right now. Specifically, he's talking about about winning a championship with the Nets this year. He knows that the team hasn't gotten off to the greatest start. But he thinks that when he and Deron Williams are both healthy again, the team will be able to get back to pursuing a title.

"Our goal before the season was to try and win a championship," Pierce said yesterday while speaking with the Boston Globe, "but we haven't gotten off to the best start and I probably haven't been playing the best basketball due to probably some minor injuries I've been dealing with. I feel like as we continue to get healthy and guys come back and we develop more chemistry, we're going to be there toward the end." 

Maybe so. The Eastern Conference is HORRIBLE this year, so it's not like the Nets have to do much to get back into the playoff picture. But at this point, is it really right for Pierce to be talking championships? Get back to .500 first and then we can discuss making noise in the postseason.

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[via Boston Globe]