Yesterday afternoon, Jason Kidd and the Brooklyn Nets gave Kidd's former head coach/current assistant coach Lawrence Frank a demotion. Citing a "difference in philosophies"—sources told the New York Daily News that Frank was badmouthing J-Kidd behind his back—Kidd revealed that Frank will no longer be sitting on the bench during games or coaching at practices. Instead, he'll be in charge of putting together "daily reports" for the Nets.

"Lawrence has been reassigned to doing daily reports," Kidd said before the Nets got manhandled by the Nuggets 111-87 last night. "He won't be sitting on the bench or practice."

What are those "daily reports" going to look like, though? Well, if the Nets season continues to go the way it's been going—that is to say, if the Nets keep sucking as bad as they've sucked so far this season—we imagine that Frank's "daily reports" are going to be really interesting, to say the least. So before he gets started, we came up with a list of what we think Frank's first 10 "daily reports" for Kidd are going to look like. This is what Jason Kidd can expect to find on his desk over the course of the next 10 days...

Daily Report, 12/4/2013

Filed By Lawrence Frank

Good game last night (HA!). Kevin Garnett scored two points. TWO POINTS! And yet, I'm the problem?! (Sidebar: There was a lot of booing at the Barclays Center. KG might want to consider wearing his Beats By Dre headphones on the court from now on.)

Daily Report, 12/5/2013

Filed By Lawrence Frank

You guys are playing the sorry ass Knicks tonight? Yes! Looks like I got demoted at the right time. 

Daily Report, 12/6/2013

Filed By Lawrence Frank

Man, the Knicks?

Daily Report, 12/7/2013

Filed By Lawrence Frank

No, really, THE KNICKS?!

Daily Report, 12/8/2013

Filed By Lawrence Frank

How was the road trip to Milwaukee? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks again for paying me to not come to these games. I love my job.

Daily Report, 12/9/2013

Filed By Lawrence Frank

Forget to mention this yesterday: THE BUCKS?!

Daily Report, 12/10/2013

Filed By Lawrence Frank

Celtics tonight. Anyway we can leave KG in Boston after the game?

Daily Report, 12/11/2013

Filed By Lawrence Frank

Tell KG I was just kidding.

Daily Report, 12/12/2013

Filed By Lawrence Frank

TELL KG I WAS JUST KIDDING! Also, here's a scouting report for the Clippers game tonight: You're fucked.

Daily Report, 12/13/2013

Filed By Lawrence Frank

Told ya!

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