Before taking travel advice from Jay Z and Kanye West, you will need to prepare yourself. Going to any country that you are not familiar with means learning to adapt to their way of doing things and making sure you don't piss off the locals. RATP, Paris’ public transport authority, created this nifty illustrated etiquette guide to help tourists navigate the subway system without incident. PSFK translated a few of the rules for us non-French speakers and we chose a few of our favorites:

  • Be courteous: The large crossed out cigarette is not art, it’s a no-smoking sign.
  • Be polite: Don’t talk excessively on your cell phone – it’s unbearable.
  • Be courteous: Don’t stare at a female rider, even if her looks could kill.
  • Have manners: Don’t use the subway as a bathroom, even though both are tiled. This includes applying makeup or hair products in the midst of a crowd.
  • Be courteous: Don’t start a duel with someone who accidentally steps on your foot.
Only making the guide in French was a weird choice since it's intended for tourists, but the illustrations are awesome and pretty much tell you everything you need to know (or you can head to PSFK for the rest of the translations).

[via PSFK]