Say hello to Tricia Drummond. She's a huge Washington Capitals fan. On a related note, she's also just as tough as any player that's on the Caps. And last night, she proved it while attending a Flyers/Capitals game at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.

During the third period of the game, Drummond took a hockey puck to the face and sustained a nasty cut on her forehead. She required immediate medical attention—she was unconscious for a few moments—and a couple Capitals players also skated over to check on her after she sustained the hit to the face. It was pretty clear that she was going to need stitches to close the cut right away. But Drummond chose not to leave her seat once she regained consciousness. Instead, she stayed at the game, watched overtime, and then hit the hospital to get her stitches:

And after she finally got stitched up, she talked some shit about it on Twitter, too:

Awesome. You are one tough lady, Tricia. Much respect.

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[via For The Win]