At the moment, NBA teams are making some pretty drastic changes to their jerseys. Specifically, many of them are adding short sleeves to them to alter the look and feel of the jerseys that their players wear during games. But what would happen if NBA teams decided to make even bigger changes to their unis? Like, what if they called in a bunch of dope designers and let them have their way with the current crop of NBA jerseys?

Dead Dilly answered that question recently by imagining what a bunch of NBA jerseys might look like if they were redesigned by the likes of DONDA, Supreme, Google, Hood By Air, and more. The result is a lineup of jerseys that look pretty damn fresh, if you ask us. You can check out a bunch of the jerseys in the thumbs gallery above. Or you can check out all of them over here.

Anyone else think that the NBA should maybe think about doing something like this and allowing designers and companies to have their way with their jerseys? Even if NBA teams only wore these jerseys for a game or two, it could really help the league win some serious style points.

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[via Behance]