A good jersey can set the tone for a franchise, whether they're just starting out or are hoping to revitalize their fanbase with a new and improved look. We've seen it before in the NFL when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ditched their Creamsicle unis to start donning the pewter and red. Or how about the stir the Miami Marlins created when they gave their jerseys and logo a complete redesign? It's undeniable that switching out the cover can often change how people read the book. 

So with this idea in mind, we decided to take a look at the Best Team Jerseys in NBA History. When did your favorite basketball team get it the most right? Were you a fan of the teal-era Detroit Pistons? How about those rainbow-flavored Denver Nuggets unis? Or which teams have managed to keep their look the same over the years because of its sheer timelessness? Click through and see for yourself. 

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