Mike Tomlin's wallet is a little bit lighter today than it was yesterday. That's because the NFL just decided to fine Tomlin $100,000 for walking onto the field during a kickoff return against the Ravens on Thanksgiving night. Even though Tomlin came out and apologized for doing it on Tuesday afternoon and reiterated that he did not mean to do it, the league still came down hard on him because of the effect that he had on a major play during the game. Tomlin likely prevented Ravens kickoff returner Jacoby Jones from scoring on the play when he stepped out onto the field.

The NFL isn't finished with Tomlin and the Steelers yet, either. In addition to the fine, the league is also thinking about forcing Pittsburgh to forfeit one or two draft picks in the near future as a result of Tomlin's actions. They haven't made a final ruling on it. But the Steelers could pay for what Tomlin did in the next draft. Stay tuned to see if the NFL actually follows through with it.

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[via ESPN]