There were a lot of people out there who didn't like the adidas "BIG Logo" jerseys that the NBA forced its players to wear on Christmas Day. The jerseys—which were skin-tight and featured short sleeves and large team logos on the front of them—were designed to be more attractive to casual NBA fans than the regular NBA jerseys. But the "BIG Logo" jerseys looked so different than the regular jerseys that most people were turned off by them.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was one of those people. Although he'll probably get fined for it (he gets fined by the NBA everytime he opens his mouth), Cuban came out yesterday and revealed that he hated the jerseys. He understands why adidas and the NBA pushed for players to wear them on Christmas Day. But he thinks they would have been better off finding a different way to promote them.

"Hated them," he said prior to the Spurs/Mavericks game last night. "I just thought it made our guys look more like a high school wrestling team or a college wrestling team…I could have thought of a better way to sell [the short-sleeved jerseys] and a lot of different ways by having them in a casual-wear situation. We would have been better off, if we want people to wear them casually, to get the trainers and everybody else to wear them to show them in a realistic setting. So I would have done it a little differently."

Cuban makes a good point. If the NBA wanted to market the "BIG Logo" jerseys and get people excited about them, they probably should have found a better way to introduce them. But then again, Cuban is also the same guy who came up with the idea to have the Mavericks wear these weird silver jerseys that turned brown when they got wet back in 2003:

So is he really allowed to be critical of anyone when it comes to jerseys?! Ha. Sorry, Cubes. But no.

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[via ESPN]