Yesterday was the late Frank Sinatra's birthday. So in honor of Sinatra—aka "Ol' Blue Eyes"Mario Balotelli just threw some blue contacts into his eyes and took a bunch of selfies.

Errrr…okay. So maybe that's not why he did it. But regardless of the reason, Balotelli now has blue eyes, and he tweeted out a bunch of his selfies earlier today to show them off:

They look…really blue. And obviously, people are freaking out because, well, it's Mario Balotelli. And whenever he does something outrageous, he gets a great response. Just check out some of the tweets that people have sent out about Super Mario's blue eyes:

Those are all great. But this one is definitely our favorite:

Lolz. Kill 'em! RIP to Balotelli's mentions.

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[via Finally Mario]