Mario Balotelli Steals Headlines With the Cleats That He Wore During a Match Today

Extra, extra, read all about him.

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He's done it yet again. Just three days after making headlines for putting blue contacts into his eyes and taking a bunch of selfies for his Twitter followers, Mario Balotelli is making headlines again today. And this time, he's making headlines for wearing headlines.

That's right. Earlier today, Super Mario wore a pair of custom cleats during AC Milan's 2-2 draw against Roma that featured nothing but newspaper headlines about himself. And—no surprise here—the cleats featuring headlines are making even more headlines right now and giving Balotelli plenty of material to create another pair of cleats in the near future, if he decides to do so. Here's a close-up of the left cleat:

How awesome is that? Flex on 'em, King Balotelli:

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[via BBC Sporf]

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