People are obsessed with celebrity-related items these days. So this next story shouldn't really surprise us as much as it does. But we still can't believe that someone would sink to this low.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department arrested an 18-year man named Jameson Witty yesterday and recommended that he be charged with grand theft and tampering with evidence. So what did he do? Well, shortly after The Fast & the Furious star Paul Walker died in a horrific car crash last Saturday, a tow truck hauled off the Porsche Carrera GT that Walker was driving in when he died so that police could evaluate it further. And Witty followed the tow truck, waited until it stopped at a red light, and then stole a piece of the car and drove off. But his crime didn't go unnoticed. The tow truck driver called police and reported the theft and police were eventually able to track down Witty on Thursday morning and arrest him. They're also planning on arresting a 25-year-old man who was with him at the time.

We understand wanting to pay tribute to Walker right now. But stealing a piece of the car that he died in? That's just creepy. And sick. And weird. And disgusting. And, well, wrong. These guys deserve whatever is coming to them as a result of their actions.

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[via LA Weekly]