What does everybody (or at least everybody responsible) tell you about drinking and driving? DON'T DO IT. Ever. Not if you think you're only buzzed. Not if it's just down the block. Not if it's during the day because yes, it still counts. It's always a bad idea and if that's not enough incentive, it's always illegal. Or so we thought. 

TMZ acquired photos of country singer Luke Bryan drinking a Busch (gross) while driving his truck in July. And according to the Knoxville Police Department, it's totally okay because Bryan was on his private ranch. It's legal to drink while driving in the state of Tennessee, as long as you're on your own property. 

We're not going to tell you this is a good idea, even if it's legal. Getting behind the wheel is like taking control of a big ass weapon and requires caution. That doesn't become less true when you're on your own land. And drinking while driving is not cautious. But thank you, Tennessee, for suggesting otherwise. That's very helpful. 

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[Via TMZ