Today's the big 2-1 for Johnny Manizel Football. His 21st birthday. According to his Louisiana driver's license he was already 21 last summer, but now it's official and we're sure he's already done something to make a scene. He's the game's most polarizing figure, and has strongly hinted that he'll jump ship to the NFL where he'll likely be the moral majority. That makes this his last year to act like a college kid, and even though he's been maligned for acting like a college kid, it only escalates in the pros.

We want to predict what he'll do on his big day, and though this milestone doesn't really mean shit when you already drink, we still want to honor an athlete who's so entertaining both on, and off, the field. Here's An Educated Guess at How Johnny Manziel Is Spending His 21st Birthday. We'll start Johnny off on a solid note (since he's a student-athlete) and assume he got to bed at a reasonable hour. Odds are a coin-flip that there's already a picture on Instagram that sunk our prediction, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Oh, and somehow his hair grew really fast.

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