Even though he doesn't sound like he's a very patient man, Knicks owner James Dolan is reportedly not going to panic after watching his team get off to a slow start this season. He's not going to make any trades. He's not going to fire head coach Mike Woodson. And he's not going to…well, he's not going to do anything. According to ESPN New York, Dolan held a team meeting with the Knicks yesterday afternoon and told them that he's not going to make any changes to the team right now. So they're going to have to find a way to coexist and start winning some games.

The good news is that, as bad as the Knicks have been this season, they're still right in the thick of things when it comes to the playoffs. In fact, even though they're a putrid 9-19 so far this year, they're just three games behind the Atlantic Division-leading Toronto Raptors. So they're one five or six-game winning streak away from jumping to the top of the division. But at this point, do Knicks fans have any confidence in their team's ability to win two games in a row, let alone five or six?!

Um, no. But Dolan is banking on the fact that, at some point, this team is going to realize its potential and start playing better. Whether or not that actually happens is yet to be seen. But with no changes on the horizon, the Knicks have to start to do something to save their season. And they have to start doing it, like, now.

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[via ESPN New York]