It's been a minute since the always enthusiastic and corny to some Dick Vitale made his debut as a college basketball analyst. Thirty-four years as of last Thursday to be exact. To commemorate the anniversary, ESPN passed along footage of Vitale's first appearance, where he provided some commentary on a Wisconsin vs. DePaul game.

Vitale doesn't use any of the catchphrases or display any of the weirdness he's become known for, but the younger, still bald Vitale of this clip shows glimpses of his trademark enthusiasm. Watch as he preludes the game by discussing:

  • Wisconsin's Wesley Matthews, who would go on to have an unimpressive NBA career (but won two NBA championships thanks to you-know-who)
  • Depaul's Mark Aguirre (spelled "Aquirre" here) who was a three-time NBA All Star and two-time champion with the Pistons
  • DePaul's Terry Cummings, a two-time All Star who spent 18 years in the NBA
  • DePaul's Teddy Grubbs, who left the team after two seasons.

Who'd have thought Vitale would go on to become the most recognizable name of this clip?

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[via Eye on College Basketball]