Is it still too soon to be making jokes about Derrick Rose and his injured knee? The survey says…

Ding, ding, ding, YES! It is still way too soon to be making jokes about D-Rose and his knee.

But apparently, DeMarcus Cousins didn't get the memo about it. Because after Cousins sat out of last night's Thunder/Kings game with an ankle injury, a reporter approached him and asked him if he will be ready to play on Friday night against the Lakers. And Cousins offered up this response, which featured a pretty clear jab at D-Rose:


We're can't say that we're shocked to hear him offer up a response like that. After all, this is DeMarcus Cousins that we're talking about here. But it's only been about 10 days since D-Rose was ruled out for the season with a pretty serious injury. So doesn't it seem like it's too soon for one of his fellow NBA players to be taking a subliminal shot at him about it? Go back and re-read the first sentence of this to get your answer.


Cousins is now denying that he took a shot at D-Rose last night:

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[via SportsGrid]

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