DeMarcus Cousins is known as the Kings center who happens to be the team's leader in scoring, rebounds, and steals. He's also The Worst. Cousins earned some head shakes when he pulled teammate Isaiah Thomas away when tried to take Chris Paul up on his handshake offer. He followed that up by straight up denying J.J. Reddick of a handshake, cause him to look a bit stressed afterward. The basketball gods took note and ended up cursing Cousins with Eric Bledsoe and Miles Plumlee of the Suns. It's bad enough that Bledsoe, his old teammate at Kentucky, violated him the way he did, but Plumlee's block was just over the top. Cousins was all ready and game for his easy dunk, and Plumlee said, "This is for Paul! SWAT!" Get humbled.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]