Sportsmanship does often fall to the wayside when your team has just lost by just one point, but this is the NBA, and we'd like to think this is a grown man sport. Sacramento's Isaiah Thomas tried to comply with this idea by offering Chris Paul—who dropped 22 points and nine assists—a handshake. Paul was down, but DeMarcus Cousins wasn't.

Now that shouldn't matter since Cousins could've walked into the locker room and wonder why his 23 points and 19 rebounds didn't cut it. But nope. Cousins went out of his way to grab Thomas and pull him away from Paul as they were about to shake hands. So now the Kings are 4-8 with a bitter Cousins and a handshakeless Paul, who commented about the situation after the game. “He’s young, man,” Paul said. “He don’t know no better. He needs some guidance. It is what it is.” Translation: "It sucks, but I understands."

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[via Larry Brown Sports]