Do you think that David Chang could do a better job running the Washington Redskins than current owner Daniel Snyder has done during his tenure with the team? Even if you have no idea who Chang is, you probably just answered "YES!"

Chang is a celebrity chef who has made appearances on Top Chef and Treme in the past, and he's interested in purchasing the Redskins for $6 billion. The only problem? He doesn't have $6 billion (surprisingly, celebrity chefs don't make that much!) so he needs your help. Here's his pitch:

Kickstarter is ready to help him try and buy the team, too:

Of course, we highly doubt that Snyder is going to sell the team to him even if Chang does convince about 5 million people to donate, well, a whole lot of money. And you could also make the argument that Snyder isn't actually the problem in Washington right now. But this is just one more indication of how bad things are for the 'Skins right now. Can the team just end their season today and try again next year? Please?

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[via Washington Post]