The Washington Redskins have been absolutely awful this season. They're 3-10 on the year, and they haven't won a game in more than a month. So at the moment, there are a million and one "Fire Mike Shanahan!" columns that are being written and posted all over the Internet. But none of them are anywhere near as good—or as convincing—as the one that KC Clyburn just wrote over here. In it, he doesn't just call Shanahan out for sucking as a head coach this season; he also details how Shanahan is trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes right now by attempting to make them forget about just how bad he's sucked for the last few years. In essence, Clyburn believes Shanahan is using the hatred that everyone has for Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to manipulate people into thinking that he hasn't been that bad as the Redskins coach.

"The lack of accountability is disappointing and insulting, particularly for yours truly, who has defended Mike through what I thought were dark times," Clyburn writes. "As we look at the tattered remains of another season, I feel lied to. I feel like I was sold a product I didn't get. I feel I was sold a Bill of Rights about respect and culture and accountability, but that the head coach couldn't be bothered to follow those ideas."

The article is quite possibly the best hit job on an NFL coach ever committed to a Microsoft Word document. And if Snyder ever gets around to reading it, Shanahan is a goner.

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[via HTTR24/7]