Renting an electric car in Hangzou, China is as easy as hitting the vending machine. Kandi Technologies is rolling out an hourly electric-car rental service in the city with 8.7 million people—China's fourth largest. Over the next few years the company plans to make 100,000 vehicles available. For just $3.25 an hour, residents can rent a car from a vending-machine-like garage and drop it off at any other station. 

The cars built in partnership with Geely have a range of 75 miles and a top speed of 50 mph. While those figures aren't particularly impressive, the Chinese don't have the same expectations of what a car should be. Therefore, the Chinese are more likely to be receptive to this program. Kandi is looking to expand its rental service in 2014 to two or three other Chinese cities. 

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[via Forbes