As you know, we live in an era where everything gets caught on camera. Any illusion of privacy is shattered the moment you log onto the social media of your choice. If you run a red light, you risk getting a ticket. If you tip poorly, you risk getting put on blast on Reddit. If you slip on ice, smash your head in and die, you risk being caught on a cell phone cam and put onto YouTube as an "Epic FAIL!!!!!!"

Fighting is no exception. And after witnessing this collection of videos you're free to come to your own conclusions about the state of society. There have been a whole bunch of stories and speculation on a so-called "Knockout," game. We'll leave that speculation up to the professional speculators, an industry with no shortage in the U.S.  We're not saying they're all good (or bad, to be honest) but we know you need a break from your work day monotony. Here's the Most Brutal Amateur Knockouts Caught on Tape.

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