Even amidst all the supercar hoopla, Bugatti has had an incredible year. Look no further than hip-hop for proof. The manufacturer has been ubiquitous in lyrics and in real life. There was that one song about waking up that was so infectious we named it the 15th best of the year. Birdman continued to stunt in his candy-red Veyron, and Drake picked one up to (you guys blew up when we called it boring, but we were ready to reconsider when we saw the "Started" vanity plate). 

Knowing the link between the supercar and hip-hop is only scratching the surface, though. Bugatti has been around since 1909, and its founder was active years before then. Become a Bugatti aficionado with 25 Things You Didn't Know about Bugatti. The knowledge might help you write the next great Bugatti lyric. 

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