This book has been dubbed "The Bernie" after F1's evil overlord and generally ostentatiously rich man, Bernie Ecclestone, and it costs $1,000,000. We're just saying that we've gotten some really good books at the Goodwill for $1, so this might be a rip-off.

The book, which is intended to be the ultimate book on Formula One, is being billed as not a ripoff because it features never before seen photos which totally won't be on the internet in a month or two, signatures from 22 F1 world champions and Ecclestone, and an open access red-pass to all 2014 F1 events for four people. 

“It might seem like a large sum of money,” says Karl Fowler, the CEO of Opus Media, “but with The Bernie you’re getting a great deal more than just an exceptional book – you’re getting absolute carte blanche to go anywhere and do anything, within reason, at every race throughout the season. It’s a freedom that, generally speaking, simply can’t be bought.”

It also weighs 77 lbs. If you just want the book, without the carbon fiber clamshell case, you can buy that for £2,000, and you'll even still get the signatures. Is the $1 Mil book just there to make this one look cheap?

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[via Opus