Here's a tip that could potentially save you a lot of money: If you ever have your car towed away for any reason and you decide to curse at a tow truck driver as a result of it, anything that you say to that driver can be used against you. Specifically, it can be used as a reason to charge you extra to get your car back.

A Huntsville, Ala. woman named Mahogony Grandison (pictured above) found that out the hard way this week when she had her car towed after she parked it illegally. As the tow truck driver prepared to take her vehicle away, Grandison allegedly cursed at him and caused a big commotion. And because of it, the tow truck company charged her $350 to get it back instead of the usual $200 and told her that she was being hit with a "cursing fee." Grandison maintains that she was not the one cursing at the tow truck driver. But the company doesn't want to hear it and says that they will only waive the fee if Grandison issues an apology to them.

"I explained multiple times it was not me," she said. "They were not hearing it."

Seem unfair? Yeah, it most certainly does. But let it be a lesson to all of you out there. If you choose to curse at a tow truck driver, you can apparently be fined for doing it. And unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot that you can do about it.

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[via ABC 13]

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