Having your car broken into and your stuff stolen sucks. But having your car broken into and your stuff stolen by someone who cheers for the college football team that you can't stand? Well, we would imagine that that sucks on a whole other level.

Recently, a man from Jefferson County, Ala. who loves Alabama football found that out the hard way when he discovered that someone had broken into his car and taken a bunch of his stuff. And the thief was apparently an Auburn football fan, because he or she left an Auburn christmas ornament in the car in place of the stuff that was taken during the robbery. The Alabama fan told police that he would never allow any Auburn merchandise near his car and that he thought the robber targeted his car specifically because of his allegiance to Alabama. But police seemed puzzled as to who would rob a car and then leave behind a calling card like a Christmas ornament.

"I guess the rivalry knows no boundaries," a police chief said.

Um, ya think? Police have seized the ornament as evidence and are still trying to determine who robbed the Alabama fan's car.

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[via Alabama]