Most of us have never actually been through combat or in a war-zone. Everything we have experienced of war is from movies, books, the news, that time in history class when we were half asleep while old black and white footage was playing on the projector screen, and of course video games. Old sayings like "all war is deception, kill or be killed" have shaped our understanding of the brutality and terror of warfare.

This was especially true after the second World War, when the development of new technologies spurred an era of warfare that was more horrifying, more ghastly, more savage than anything anyone had ever seen before. In particular, the engineering and design of the tank drastically improved during World War II. Since then, tank models are constantly being updated and embellished and improved. 

As sad of a reality as this is, the fact of the matter is that many kids and young adults would have no recognition of these impressive displays of technological advancement if it were not for first-person shooters. The biggest title in this arena is no doubt Call of Duty. While other games like Battlefield and ARMA have tried to compete, COD has completely taken over since its initial release in 2003, first focusing on World War II and since moving into modern and future ages.

But there is one thing that Battlefield and Arma have consitently had in their games that COD doesn't: Driveable vehicles. There are some that are happy this is not an element of the game, but as car people, we're not included in that pool. So, in preparation for tomorrow's release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, we'd like to take a look back at some of the most impressive tanks in military history, all of which we wish we could be using as we dominate you all in online multiplayer. 

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