The first version of the Rolls-Royce Celestial Phantom Extended Wheelbase gave the feeling of sitting in a field looking up at a starry sky. But when you're going to be presenting a car at the Dubai International Motor Show, a city that is essentially known as the worldwide home base for extravagant supercars. So, what did the luxury leader do to bump up its already insane vehicle?

Oh, you know, just put a total of 446 diamonds (!!!!) into the doors, the center console lid and rear privacy divider. 4-4-6, as in four more than those awesome classic Oldsmobiles. 

Now the car feels like you're in one of those awesome starlab bubbles you used to sit in when you were in elementary school. Except, you're not sitting on a linoleum classroom floor, you're not getting yelled at for crawling too close to the fan, and you won't get in trouble for falling asleep in those "dusk"-colored seats. 

Maintaining the level of beauty and craftmanship, the car has fine crushed glass particles in the paint to add more depth, it has bespoke glassware and a picnic set from Nymphenburg. The overhead LED lights aren't just a mishmash either. They're the same patern the sky was showing on January 1, 2003, the night the first Phantom owner was spending time with his new car. The more than 1,000 lights were certified by the South Downs Planetarium. #levels

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[via Rolls-Royce]