A league that has won over the planet just tipped off for another campaign. With the NBA back in action it’s either a very good, or very bad time to be a SportsCenter fan. It’s the start of a marathon of coverage that’ll last from now until the middle of the summer. For some it makes the doldrums of winter bearable. For others, it adds insult to injury to the long nights, frigid temps, and icy roads.

Here at Complex we’ve given our fair share of love to The Association. We know the argument that the NBA is the worst league is a road battle during Game Seven of the Finals. But there’s always ways to improve. It’s something you should remind your girlfriend of on the regular. We kid. We argue for those who love the league as well, America loves roundball and that’s become more and more apparent in a league with an enormous batch of current stars. So is the NBA the best, or the worst? Check out two of our writers going back and forth about the things we love and loathe about The Association.

Written by Justin Block (@JBlock49) and Gavin Evans (@GavinEvans187)

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