We have seen plenty of people survive really, really bad car accidents in the past. But we've never seen anyone survive one quite like this.

Recently, two people were driving along in their Audi in China when—BOOM—a gigantic shipping container slipped off a truck and landed right on top of their car. It literally flattened the roof and crushed the entire front end of the car. And at first glance, our initial reaction was, "There is no way anyone in that car survived that accident."

But miraculously, the two people who were in the Audi at the time did survive. They needed to be treated for some non-life threatening injuries at a hospital a short time later. But it sounds like they're both going to be fine. Their car, however, is not fine. Check out some images of it in the thumbs gallery above.

How the heck did those two people make it out of this wreck alive?

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[via Shanghaiist]

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