We've seen that Honda is working on a new Acura NSX hybrid supercar, and the company also revealed a sporty-looking Kei car, but what we all actually want is a proper sports car. The S660 Kei cer certainly isn't that, given that it's powered by a 65 hp engine and runs said power through a CVT. 

That said, Honda of America CEO Tetsuo Iwamura has said that there would be no new sports cars from Honda. He even had the gall to suggest front drivers like the Civic coupe and Accord coupe as a substitute. He does want to bring the S660 to America, but we can't see Americans getting behind a 65 hp go-kart that probably won't pass our crash tests.

You used to be cool, Honda. Whatever, we still have the FR-S/BRZ to play with.

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[via Autoblog

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