The NBA in the '90s influenced pop culture more than it does today and turned basketball into a global sport. Michael Jordan was selling crazy amounts of sneakers (and still is), the Bulls reigned supreme, Shawn Kemp was in his prime, and Shaq took the league by storm. Dunks were more fun back then too because players didn't get T'd up after a cold stare or a little taunt at every turn. Kemp pointed an laughed at Alton Lister after embarrassing him and just ran down to play defense, and Scottie stepped over Patrick Ewing after running him over in the air (he got T'd up though, but still), the NBA in the '90s was just better than today's game. Hall of Famers everywhere, records being broken, and profits at an all-time high. Oh and let us not forget about the Slam Dunk Contest. Dee Brown, Isaiah Rider, and Harold Miner all showed off during the All-Star Weekend's Main Event. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we celebrate Shawn Kemp's 44th birthday and check out 20 Badass NBA Dunks of the '90s.

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