The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is the only Mitsu we give even half a shit about. The Mirage is outclassed by numerous competitors like the Fiesta and the 500 in the small car segment, the Outlander and Outlander Sport do little to inspire, and the Lancer is so hilariously bad when compared to modern compact cars like the Ford Focus. Meanwhile, the Evo is still awesome.

Alas, while Mitsubishi is claiming that it will turn a profit in the US in 2014 (check the weather report in hell), it is also telling the press that the plan is to focus on SUVs and MPVs. This means that not only is a new Lancer, which we think the company badly needs, on hold, but so is the new Evo that would be based on said Lancer. Get ready for an even more boring iteration of Mitsubishi.

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