For a long time, the straight six engine was considered as much of a Mercedes hallmark as it is a Porsche hallmark — there must be something in the water in Stuttgart — but in the mid '90s Mercedes replaced them all with V6s.

Now the company is working on a new engine family that would come in three, four, or six cylinders, and will most likely be found first under the hood of the all new E-Class in 2016, and a refreshed C-Class in 2017. Also coming in 2016 is "Autobahn Pilot" which is a kind of cruise control that not only keeps your speed constant unless a slower moving car is in front of you, but also keeps your car centered in the right lane, and passes slower moving cars in the left lane. Yeah, you can kick back and just enjoy the scenery/frighten the old people with your hands-free passing.

Does anyone else think that the 300SL (shown) is the greatest straight six car ever?

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[via Autocar

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