If you've been stashing $1 under the mattress every day in the hopes that you'll be able to save up for a McLaren P1 since it was unveiled a little over a year ago, we have two bits of bad news to deliver:

  1. All 375 McLaren P1s have been sold for $1.35 Million or more, depending on customization.
  2. You are really, really bad at math, because your plan would have taken 3,150 years and seven months.

If none of the P1s had been customized at additional cost, McLaren would have just pulled in $506,250,000, but the company is saying that about three out of every four P1 buyers ordered some customization and that the average P1 price was $1,599,000. That means that to grand total is up to $584,625,000. The question is, did any of them order a 1+2 seating arrangement like I would have?

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[via McLaren

*Yeah, the press had the wrong price at the time of publication.