It's only been a few games into the season, and there's a player already on David Stern's crap list. That player is Miami's Mario Chalmers, and he's not happy about it.

Chalmers tagged Dirk Nowitzki with a flying elbow during the Heat's game against the Mavericks. Apparently, he did not learn from catching a flagrant from smacking Blake Griffin's neck with his forearm last week. After getting a fine from that incident, Chalmers got tagged with a one-game suspension. The penalty will cost him $36,000, which is a more expensive than the $15,000 fine he got for the Griffin hit. If Stern is feeling a little trigger-happy, he can get Chalmers for a couple more Gs for his response tweet:

The loss of Chalmers shouldn't be that big of a deal against the Bobcats, but the guard probably should keep his limbs as close to his torso as possible. Stern the Gangster is watching.

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[via ESPN]