Say hello to Mark Parisi. Mr. Parisi is a big fan of the Nissan 370Z. He's also a little bit nuts. So nuts that he's currently in the process of selling one of his nuts in order to buy a 370Z sometime in the near future. He recently agreed to sell a testicle to a medical research organization for $35,000. And during an appearance on CBS' The Doctors this week, he revealed that he is going to use the money that he obtains for his single ball to buy a 370Z.

"It was a standard fee that they were offering," he said on The Doctors, "and I want to buy a new Nissan 370. So…"

So you're willing to give up a testicle?! You're crazy, dude. The 370Z is a pretty cool car. But this seems like an expensive price to pay for it.

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[via Jalopnik]