If you have a significant other, then you probably know how frustrating it can be to spend an entire day doing nothing but arguing with them. Every now and then, it just happens and everything that you discuss turns into an argument. But have you ever gotten so frustrated with it that you've wanted to do physically harm to yourself?

We doubt it. But that's exactly what a 21-year-man from Gadsden, Ala. reportedly chose to do recently. He suffered severe head injuries on Sunday night after he decided to jump out of a moving vehicle during an argument that he was having with his girlfriend. The girlfriend later told police that the two had been arguing about "stupid stuff" all day and that right before her boyfriend jumped out of the car, which was traveling at about 35 mph, he said, "I'm going to jump out of the car." And then, he followed through with it and put himself in serious danger.

Our question: He couldn't have just asked her to pull over?! We understand how frustrating those kinds of fights can be. But it doesn't seem like something that's worth risking your life over. We hope that the man makes a full recovery and that the couple agrees to go in separate directions in the future. Because if this was what happened when they argued over "stupid stuff," we would hate to think about what might happen if they ever got into an argument about something meaningful.

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[via Alabama]

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