Over the last couple of years, former MLB star Jose Canseco has posted all kinds of weird things to his Twitter page. He's asked his followers for chandeliers, challenged Shaquille O'Neal to a fight, and compared himself to Babe Ruth. But last night, he took weird to a whole new level when he got pulled over by police when he had two goats in the back of his car and took a photo of it for Twitter:

And why did Canseco have two goats in the back of his car? It's still a little bit unclear. It appears as though Canseco is shooting some sort of documentary about the goats. But uhhhh…does that really help clear up the situation? Not really.

We guess that there are way worse things than goats that Canseco could have had in the back of his car. But still, this whole situation is strange, even by Canseco's standards. Do those goats have any idea what they're getting themselves into right now?!

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[via Hardball Talk]