Yesterday, we reported that lineman Jonathan Martin had to take a short sabbatical after suffering an emotional breakdown as a result of a prank and personal issues. It looks like it's not just a harmless prank though. ESPN reported that Martin has been the target of harassment, specifically at the hands of guard Richie Incognito.

ESPN is reporting that the NFLPA is investigating Incognito's role in the harassment case, even though an anonymous Dolphins official claims he's a "model citizen." However, many other sources are saying that's not the case when it comes to Martin, and that Incognito has been bullying him since Martin's rookie season in 2012.

Again, the situation is being monitored while head coach Joe Philbin says, "This is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated." And it shouldn't. That has to be a serious situation for it to get the point of an emotional breakdown. Martin doesn't have a set return date as of yet.

[via ESPN]

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