When we heard that Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin flipped the $^&% out after a few of his teammates played a prank on him yesterday, we thought, "Wow, this guy really needs to get a grip and calm the hell down." But now, we're feeling bad about that. Because according to reports, Martin didn't flip out solely because of the prank. That may have been the trigger. But it sounds like Martin actually suffered what's being called an "emotional breakdown" after the prank was pulled on him.

According to reports out of Miami, Martin has been struggling with some personal issues for several days now. So when a few of his teammates refused to sit with him during lunch yesterday, he lost it and immediately left the Dolphins' practice facility. And he reportedly went to get some outside help for his meltdown as soon as he left.

Martin is likely not going to play against the Bengals on Thursday Night Football tonight. And it sounds like that's probably for the best. It appears as though he's going through some things right now and, until those things are worked out, football should be his last priority.

[via Sporting News]