If you haven't seen Wheeler Dealers before, it's a show where these two British guys named Mike Brewer and Edd China attempt to flip both vintage and modern classic cars that have seen better days by fixing them up in their garage so they can turn a profit. While it's a TV show, and we're sure Edd doesn't do all the garage stuff himself, where this show excels is in showing and explaining to you exactly what's going on with each of the repairs Edd (and possibly his production team) tackles. He's confident that you can DIY most things, but will not hesitate to tell you if he thinks that it's something best handled by a professional shop. He'll also walk you through special equipment you might need to get a job done. If you're a very visual learner, programs like this are an excellent way to get over any fear you might have of learning how to get your hands dirty under your hood.Wheeler Dealers currently airs on Velocity in the U.S.