Oh my gosh, guys! Have you heard about Sixers forward Evan Turner? He is sooooooo broke right now. It takes most athletes an entire career to blow through all their stacks. But Turner has managed to do so less than four years after entering the NBA! But don't just take our word for it. Instead, take a look at the receipt that he posted to Instagram today along with the caption, "Bank account look like I'm ready for early retirement…":

Do you see that? DO YOU SEE THAT?! HE HAS NEGATIVE 48 DOLLARS AND 81 CENTS IN HIS CHECKING ACCOUNT! HE'S IN SERIOUS FINANCIAL TROUBLE. HE…Wait…Is it possible that this is not his ATM receipt? No way, right? No way he just found some poor schmuck's receipt and put it on Instagram, right? Errr…

DAMNIT, DUDE! Good one.

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[via Philly Mag]