Got an extra $10,000 to spare? Then we've got some good news for you! You could be the very proud owner of David Ortiz's "beard ball"! Or if $10K is a little bit too steep for you, then you could also be the very proud owner of Shane Victorino's "beard ball," which is selling for the much more affordable price of about $2,000 right now on eBay. And regardless of which one you choose, you'll be getting a piece of history and helping out a good cause when you purchase one of them.

Both of the "beard balls" were taken from Ortiz and Victorino after they participated in the Gillette Shave Off earlier this month at the Gillette World Shaving Headquarters in Boston. Their "beard balls" are being auctioned off to help benefit the Movember movement with 100 percent of the eBay auctions' proceeds going to charity. So by buying one of the "beards balls" from the Red Sox players, you'll be helping the Movember movement move forward.

So who wants one? The "beard balls" are available over here and here. Happy bidding.