Anyone out there got $16,499 to spare?! If so, you could be the proud owner of "the single most famous piece of Ohio State memorabilia available!"

That's right, folks. The championship ring that Terrelle Pryor received for winning the Big Ten with the Buckeyes back in 2008 is currently for sale on eBay for the low, low price of just $16,499. Pryor reportedly gave the ring to Ed Rife, the owner of a tattoo shop, a few years ago in exchange for a bunch of tattoos. That transaction led to the Ohio State football program being subjected to all kinds of disciplinary action from the NCAA and led to Pryor being suspended for the first five games of his NFL career by Roger Goodell. But now, the ring—which the eBay seller claims he purchased directly from Rife—is available to the highest bidder. And it might not be the last OSU-related item that the seller puts up on eBay.

"I purchased several other items from Mr. Rife," he writes in the item's description, "including signed pants, footballs, gloves, helmets, etc."

Check out some images of Pryor's ring in the thumbs gallery above. Who wants it?!

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[via Eye on College Football]