At the 2013 SEMA Show, Bisimoto Engineering unveiled a 2014 Honda Odyssey that was definitely not tuned with a soccer mom in mind. The modest van was said to have been amped up to 1,029HP, almost 800HP more than it should have. According to Autoweek, Bisimoto added several components to the Odyssey, including AEM electronics, Infinity ECU, Turbonetics BTX7265 twin turbos, a Magnafuel 750cc fuel pump, and many more. 

Obviously this is one of those projects completed to show people the possibilites and this van probably won't be parked next to you at a grocery store anytime soon, but the idea of an Odyssey with almost enough horsepower to match a Bugatti Veyron is just ridiculous. Next they'll tell us that there is a Mini Cooper that has the Devel Sixteen's 5000HP beat.

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[via AutoWeek]